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STE Truck Body

At Specialized Truck Equipment we build heavy duty bodies that last. STE standard box has 3/16” AR400 sides, 1/4” AR450 floors and 3/16” AR400 with 7ga reinforced tailgates. We offer the following three gravel body styles: a western, an elliptical and a smooth side.

STE’s western style is the DHS and is a braced square corner body that offers toughness for rock and demolition work. The DHS offers a wider spread pattern, slightly more volume and weight than an elliptical.

STE’s ELL elliptical style is designed for black top and gravel hauling. An 18” radius lower corner offers better cleanout and adds strength which in turn eliminates the need for added bracing. The resulting box is lighter weight but slightly less volume than the western style.

The smooth side is designed to accomodate black top and gravel. This body has the square corner of the western style without side braces like the elliptical. This offers higher volume and lighter weight.

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