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Detachable Lowboy Trailers

Specialized Truck Equipment LLC. is proud to offer several industry-leading detachable lowboy trailers. Our standard model trailers range from 35 tons to 60 tons, with multiple options for customization to meet your specific needs



Detachable Lowboy STE-HG70: 70,000 lbs. (35-Ton) Detachable


Detachable Lowboy STE-HG100: 100,000 lbs. (50-Ton) Detachable


Detachable Lowboy STE-HG110: 110,000 lbs. (55-Ton) Detachable


Detachable Lowboy STE-HG120: 120,000 lbs. (60-Ton) Detachable



All of our detachable lowboy trailers offer standard swing clearance, standard deck lengths and deck widths, standard full oak outside wood decks, front ramps, outboard drums featuring hub-piloted wheels, wet line hydraulic systems, air ride suspension systems, sealed modular wiring harnesses, shock mounted LED lighting, sharp black paint, and convenient tool boxes in deck.


Each different trailer also offers many options for customization, including variable deck lengths and deck widths, variable hitch lengths and swing clearance, outrigger boards, variable axle spreads, and much more. 


Please call us at 320-453-3357 or fill out our contact form for more information on what Specialized Truck Equipment LLC. can do for your business! We look forward to working with you!

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